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We measure the quality of your codes

PRECILOG is specialized in the evaluation and monitoring of software quality. We measure the quality of a software system by applying widely accepted coding standards to it.

PRECILOG was founded on January 15, 2002. Its main vocation is to represent TIOBE solutions in France.

TIOBE Software BV was founded on October 1, 2000 thanks to a major investment from the Swiss company Synspace and some private investors. The name TIOBE means "The Importance Of Being Earnest" . It is also the name of a play written by Oscar Wilde at the end of the 19th century. By choosing this name, the founders of TIOBE Software underline their sincere and professional attitude towards their customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Most of the PRECILOG and TIOBE employees are compiler technology specialists who started their careers in the research labs of Philips Electronics. TIOBE's core technology for building fast and reliable code checkers and beautifiers is based on the Philips Elegant compiler generator toolset.

PRECILOG and TIOBE verify more than 1,056 million lines of software code daily for their customers worldwide, in real time.








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