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TiCS Framework

TiCS is our software quality framework that allows you to effectively measure and monitor the software quality of all your software projects. The framework integrates all your software quality data of various tools into one convenient environment. Easily maneuver through your projects, locate files that need improvements, and generate to-do list based on your quality checks to find out how your files can be improved.

Measure your software quality.

  • High-level overview of the quality of all your projects.
  • One click drill down to individual files and their violations.
  • Using software product quality standard ISO/IEC 25010.
  • Able to tailor our solution to specific organizational needs.
  • Bit to board support of software quality improvements.
TiCS comes in multiple layers, each for different levels of your organization. Are you a software engineer? Our IDE plug-ins will give immediate feedback on how you can improve the quality of your code. Leading a team of many developers? See which projects require your attentions and track how your software quality has changed over time using our TiCS viewer. Do you manage multiple software development sites in your organization? Use our TiCS enterprise dashboard to track your entire organization’s development portfolio. Curious about the look and feel of our TiCS framework? You can find a demo version here!
Are you interested in how our TiCS framework can help your organization improve its software quality? Feel free to contact us using the contact form on the right to request a free demo.

TiCS supports a vast amount of languages, code checkers and tools that we can integrate into our framework. You can find them on this page: list of supported tools.
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Latest news

30 December 2022

Sorama checks code quality
Sorama develops advanced sound measurement and visualization solutions, which help to reduce unwanted noise in industries like mobility and construction. Given that legislation is becoming more strict regarding noise pollution, their solutions are vital in improving the quality of life for citizens of metropolitan areas.

ECB Logo
14 October 2022

ECB checks code quality
La Banque centrale européenne (BCE) est au cœur du Eurosystem and Single Supervisory Mechanism. La BCE commence à utiliser la solution TiCS de TIOBE pour mesurer et améliorer la qualité de son code.

TiCS Logo
3 October 2022

TiCS 2022.3 released!
TIOBE releases TiCS 2022.3. New plugins for Visual Studio and Github are provided. A new coding standard viewer gives an even better overview of the important coding standards. And finally new TiCS viewer functionalities are added.

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