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TIOBE Software Quality Framework TiCS

TiCS is a tool that helps interpret bug detection data from your code analysis tools and provides the means to significantly improve the quality and security of your codes like C and C ++, Java, C #, Python,... (see the list of supported tools).

The TiCS solution combines quality data from many tools in a consistent and unified environment. The data obtained is stored in the TiCS Quality Database and displayed through a web browser called TiCS viewer (see screenshot below) and at the multisite organizational level using the TiCS corporate dashboard.

The main issues are:
  • What level of code quality must I respect?
  • How can I focus on the riskier parts of my projects?
  • What will be the impact of a quality and/or security fix of the code?
  • What level of quality or security are my projects?
  • What is the process for improving code quality as quickly and efficiently as possible?
See also the page 'Why choose TiCS?'

TiCS Front Page

The TiCS framework consists of three modules:

  • TiCS Analyzer. The TICS Analyzer generates coding standard violations for the individual software engineer. It is a small layer on top of existing code checkers. The TICS Analyzer combines the results of the code checkers in such a way that they are presented in a uniform way that reflects the coding standard that is used by the engineer. The TICS Analyzer is available as a command-line tool but it is usually also integrated in the used programming environment. MORE >>

  • TiCS Database. The TICS Database component concerns a database that contains all kinds of quality data. It is updated every night by means of a batch run on the accepted (consolidated) code archive. Apart from all violations, the quality database also contains include relations, lines of code (various ways), build relations and some other metrics.

  • TiCS Viewer. The TICS Viewer is a web-based Intranet application that displays overviews of the quality data of the TICS Database. With the aid of the TICS Viewer one receives a graphical answer on questions such as “What is the historical trend concerning static quality?”, “What is my current confidence factor?”, “What is the number of violations per KLOC for the topmost modules?”, etc.

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