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Code Quality Assessment

PRECILOG and TIOBE offers a software code quality assessment service based on the official ISO 25010 standard on software product quality. The main focus of the assessment is measuring the reliability, maintainability and security of your software system.


  • Report The assessment report contains about 20 pages and explains the findings of the more than 350 metrics that are applied to your code. It also provides recommendations, benchmarks and an overall qualification.
  • Presentation During a presentation the report is explained in detailed to all stakeholders including software management and software engineers.
  • TiCS Viewer. All data that has been collected is available in the TiCS dashboard. This is dashboard in which you can drill down from high level findings to individual issues in the source code. This dashboard will be made available.


The TIOBE software quality assessment is based on the TIOBE Quality Indicator approach as defined in the document: https://www.precilog.com/en/products/tiobe_quality_indicator.php. The approach is based on the ISO 25010 standard about software product quality and measures the quality attributes of this standard.

Qualification is done based on the metric scores, resulting in an outcome ranging from A to F. Based on the application domain, a certain level should be reached. E.g. in the semiconductor industry the scores should be at least at level C


It is important to note that other ISO-related quality factors or company specific requests can be measured as well during the assessment. Examples are the identification of performance bottlenecks or judging the longevity of external libraries.

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Latest news

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30 March 2023

Black Duck integration is available!
You can now import your Black Duck Security findings into TiCS as part of the Security Metric. Black Duck is a compositional analysis tool that collects findings of open source, third-party, and proprietary software components used to build applications and containers.

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20 March 2023

TiCS 2023.2 released!
TIOBE releases TiCS 2023.2, including vizualizations of introduced code duplication before you commit, different code types for duplication, logarithmic scaling for graphs, and more!

30 December 2022

Sorama checks code quality
Sorama develops advanced sound measurement and visualization solutions, which help to reduce unwanted noise in industries like mobility and construction. Given that legislation is becoming more strict regarding noise pollution, their solutions are vital in improving the quality of life for citizens of metropolitan areas.

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